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About Our Firm

Smith Litkowski is a criminal trial and appeal law firm in Toronto. Our lawyers have a reputation for excellence in advocacy with various range of experiences in all levels of court. Our primary focus is defending serious and complex criminal matters and appellate litigation in the Greater Toronto Area.

Our Practice Areas

  • Criminal Organization and Project Prosecutions
  • Complex Police Investigation – production orders, search warrants, general warrant, wiretaps, police agents, under cover operatives
  • Criminal Appeals and Bail Pending Appeals– Ontario Court of Appeal, Nova Scotia Court of Appeal, Supreme Court of Canada
  • Murder
  • Guns and Gangs
  • Drug Trafficking
  • Bail Hearings, Bail Reviews and Detention Reviews
  • Dangerous Offender Applications
  • Parole Hearings
  • Faint Hope Hearings
  • Youth Criminal Justice
  • Rowbotham and Other Funding Applications
  • Constitutional Law and Challenges
  • Human Trafficking
  • Domestic Assault
  • Driving Offences

Our Team

Tyler Smith

Co-Founder & Lead Trial Counsel
Cell: 416-953-8506
Tel: (416) 650-1845 x202

Richard Litkowski

Lead Appellate Counsel
Cell: 416-918-9300
Tel: (416) 650-1845 x203

Joanne Griffiths

Trial Counsel
Cell: 416-953-1180
Tel: (416) 650-1845 x204

Mitchell Huberman

Trial Counsel
Cell: 416-953-0070
Tel: (416) 650-1845 x205

Rebecca Meredith

Trial Counsel
Cell: 416-953-8516
Tel: (416) 650-1845 x206

Kaitlyn Mathews

Trial Counsel
Cell: 416-953-8956
Tel: (416) 650-1845 x207

Hoa Le (Holly) Smith

Co-Founder & Director of Business Operations
Tel: (416) 650-1845 x201